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Emperium War



• 1. If someone is caught abusing bugs (defects not yet fixed in the game) or using BOT (program that allows the player to play without being present) or any other hack or cheat, they will be punished *. The player who is caught trying to defraud or steal a user's account will be punished *. Alteration of the Client, EX: altering the Hexed and etc. There will be a BAN of 1 more with your account blocked.
• 2. Do not ask for items, change of class, level restitution, warp, return of items or zenys, etc. to GM's. Skill Spam is not allowed in cities and events, the punishment ranges from a simple Chat block to a temporary ban on the player's account.
• 3. Do not make KS (from English Kill Steal - stealing monsters that another player is already killing). Forbidden to log two accounts with the same client at the same time, the Punishment will be one more with your account Blocked.
• 4. Administrators / GMs are not responsible for the loss of players' password (pass password to another player, etc.) Administrators / GMs will NEVER ask for your password.
• 5. The player who tries to impersonate the game's administrators or GM's will be BANNED.
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